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Public Relations

Cicero & Bernay offers a 360-degree portfolio of public relations communication services covering thought leadership, crisis communication, media relations, and everything in-between across Dubai, the GCC and the MENA region. From press releases to digital marketing, C&B is a leading PR agency with more than 28 affiliate offices and firms around the world.

The PR story:

Even though the communication industry has evolved over time, public relations remains an essential part of the industry. In a city like Dubai, which is ever-growing and innovating, it has become even more important for brands to have a solid public relations foundation in order to set the stage for lasting and beneficial client relationships. Public relations not only enhances brand image but also helps brands reach out to a greater audience and stands as one of the strongest pillars of your marketing mix.

The core of an effective PR lies in the establishment and cultivation of new relationships, an aspect integral to all communication needs – be it traditional or digital. Some of the aspects that make PR effective include:

1. Relationships with media.

2. Understanding of the industry requirements.

3. The art of keeping a business relevant in changing times.

4. Implementing different ways of brand promotion among various stakeholders.

5. Exploring opportunities for long term image building.

However, good PR is about distribution of information and generation of awareness among large audiences, it is much more than just that. PR is a bridge that connects a brand to the people who matter to its growth and success. It is a facilitator of validation among stakeholders and is the only way one can portray a brand as dependable and trustworthy.

Public Relations