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Event Management

Looking to launch a product? Do you have a new service that you want to promote? We have you covered. Our team is not only proficient at communication and PR services. By utilising our robust media relations that cover Dubai and the region, we help your brand or company plan, organise, and host on-ground and digital events. Our team will also work with you on leveraging their marketing knowledge to conceive campaigns and social-media and digital marketing tactics to ensure that your event reaches the widest possible audience through press releases, interviews and audiovisual promotions.

Event management services:

Events are a proven tactic that can positively impact your business when you formulate your marketing strategy. Marketing experts in Dubai agree that it’s an effective strategy. An event marketing campaign is a promotion of a company’s product or service during an event. The format of these presentations can vary greatly in a city like Dubai – ranging from a simple breakfast presentation to an entire conference and all the way to global level event like Dubai Expo 2020. If you want to raise your company’s profile, you can hold online events, such as webinars.

Event marketing is defined as any activity that creates awareness of your company or product. It is important to remember that marketing doesn’t happen only at events; there is also pre- and post-event promotion.

Nowadays, consumers are bombarded with countless advertising pitches, so when it comes to making purchasing decisions, you need to really catch their attention. The event marketing strategy is particularly effective for connecting with customers. By leveraging in-person engagement, event marketing involves developing an exhibit, display, or presentation themed around a particular product, service, cause, or organisation. As a form of engagement, events can occur online or offline and can be hosted, sponsored, or participated in.

A marketing event, in a well-connected and global city like Dubai especially, allows for a direct connection between potential customers and the organisation, and gives a true sense of the organisation’s focus, view, and disposition. It is imperative that marketers in Dubai and the UAE capitalise on every opportunity to establish relationships with prospective customers, to generate goodwill, and to earn their trust, which involves making purchasing decisions at their own pace after careful consideration.

Event marketing can be an effective strategy to connect with buyers on a deeper level even if there are less time-consuming and expensive methods of marketing.

Event Management