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OMG! I’ve been hacked on social media.

It doesn’t take much to slip past your doors. It can happen when you’re sleeping, but also while you’re awake. Hacking into your social networks doesn’t involve a lot of technical skill; it can be done with much more ease and effort these days. How do you stop it?

Russell Working suggests some of the following:

1. Beware of Phishing – Never, ever, cater to requests you receive that ask you to change your password.
2. Don’t give your password to every Tom, Dick and Jerry. Be selective about who can actually access your accounts.
3. As lazy as you may be, don’t use automatic log-ins. That should be pretty obvious, just about anybody could get in under your name.
4. Strong Passwords – I personally need to work on this, since I use something similar for all of my accounts (please don’t hack me!). If you can’t remember them all, write them down and lock them up, nice and tight in your personal safe.

The more your life is out there online; the more aware you should be aware of the risks.

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What’s your password?