We let the facts do the talking.


This post originally appeared on LinkedIn, on November 3, 2015. Visit the page to view more posts by our Founder & COO, Ahmad Itani.

Time is passing. What’s relevant NOW may not have been then or will be tomorrow. It’s a subjective experience. Different times and different people bring different concepts of NOW.

Unless you own it, and make it timeless.

And I plan on owning it, seizing it, to make the most of NOW and dedicate my posts to the concept. It’s what I’ve been building up to from my very first post, from the way we interact with clients and how we do that as a network, to addressing the evolution of PR. It’s what will continue to drive this platform and our team.

This is our manifesto; our thoughts on NOW. Words that we use to inspire our network,
to embrace NOW

A time and place, when you knew you could be and do anything. And did too. An astronaut using a discarded cardboard box. A soldier with your play dough. King of the fort with makeshift pillows. Superman, with only a blanket that let you fly high. Anything and everything was possible. You could and would be a mother, president, a star, a lawyer.


And then,
The Tooth Fairy isn’t real. You won’t always get your way. Life isn’t always fair. You can’t skate your way through university.

After that,
Work happened. That constant 4-letter word that has taken over your life. Your plans are set. Your decisions are made. Your life is running by. It’s your fastest flight to your dreams. It’s also your quickest route away from nostalgia. There’s no time for daydreaming NOW.

We are in a dynamic industry. We’ve all heard the cliché: Things change overnight. That Tweet was groundbreaking, had you seen it you could have… Are you following the right people? Who are your influencers? What is happening right NOW? Are you missing ‘it’? Do you know what ‘it’ is?

It’s not that extreme. Maybe we need to stop with the pressure. To try something new. A new feeling that never slows or stops, that’s not stressful but exciting.

Stop thinking about missing the next big thing, and start thinking you are the next big thing. You will make it happen for yourself, for the clients, for the company. Throw away the template, stop ticking boxes. Stop following something. Do you really want to follow? Don’t.

Something important could be happening NOW and that could be YOU.

Get excited, believe, strive, achieve, you are more than your title. Step in, step over bounds, there are no bounds, the possibilities are endless.

It’s not their job, or your job, it’s our job. Our success is yours, and your success is ours. This is your company, these are your clients, this is our NOW.

Work becomes a beautiful journey, filled with unexpected surprises, replete with satisfying victories (big or small, would it really matter?) and full of great memories, created every moment. What if it all happened in a moment, in a second, in a decision where you…