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No point being the expert if you’re not creative

You can’t study social media, you live and learn it. But even then, what makes one more socially savvy than the other?


Sure you can post, reTweet and pin; but if you don’t have some defining quality that’s distinctly you, well, you’re just making a lot of noise.

How do you get creative? I think it’s something you’re born with, but if you haven’t been bestowed this gift, here’s how you can try to attain it.

Copy others
Yes, I said it. Not verbatim, not word for word, but learn from your peers. Get inspiration from what others are doing and then find some way to make it your own.

Be yourself
You know those staff brainstorming sessions, where each one has their own quirky comments that makes them uniquely them? Use that personality and inject it into you’re brand.

Think outside the box
Hate to say it, especially since the phrase itself has become so cliché, but it’s what it takes to be creative. Others are going left? Try going right. Others use words? Try video. Sometimes the best ideas come from doing the exact opposite of what is the norm.

Weren’t born creativity blessed? Work at it.

How do you get creative?