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Need a lift? Facebook Ads really can make a difference

Attention, attention; how can I get more attention? You don’t have to be a business to want some. Kids will scream to get it, teenagers will rebel to get it and Nicki Minaj will show up to the Grammys with the most interesting of dates to make sure she gets some too.

Facebook is no stranger to wanting attention; they change their layout almost every other week! More recently it’s the new Timeline that everyone’s been raving about.

Now it’s time for your company to get some attention, and Facebook Ads are definitely a push in the right direction. Here’s what’s new to make it even better too.

Claim that Offer
This lets you share discounts and offers with your fans, and guess what, it’s free. You say, ‘sounds like a status update to me’, but it’s not. By very virtue, they are made to be promoted as ‘Sponsored Stories’, which means more people are likely to see them. Now ‘Sponsored Stories’ are something that you’d be paying for. That’s where you pay Facebook to give your status updates all the attention it can get in your fans’ News Feeds and that of their friends as well.

Get more friends with Reach Generator
Let me ask you this, ‘would you pay to make sure that at least 75% of people see what you post?’ You can’t put a value on that kind of love (although Facebook has). You no longer pay-per-click, rather you’ll be there beyond the click.

They say money can’t buy love, but with Facebook you can.

Is it worth it?