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My Love for PR

For many years, I have been fascinated by the world of communication, specifically with regards to the ways in which creative individuals from various fields come together to create messages that will shape and influence consumer behavior.

I chose to study Advertising while earning my undergraduate degree and Corporate Communications in graduate school. It was my goal to become part of a major communications firm, working with well-known and lesser-known clients to position their products or services in a positive light among consumers and thereby help them grow their businesses and expand their markets. As a native of the Middle East, I am especially interested in this field because this region of the world has become more and more engaged in the globalisation of businesses; communications is, therefore, a field where multiple opportunities for meaningful work exist and that also presents a challenge to practitioners because of the influences of tradition and culture.

PR in specific plays an integral role in communications. It is all about building a bridge between the client, the media and yourself. Events are a vital part of this process. The number of attendees, their attitudes and their behaviours before and after the event are to be closely watched and analysed. There is nothing more enjoyable than throwing a successful event with great media turnout. Victory comes the next day when the news is monitored and your event is all over. I get so excited about huge events, collaborating with extremely talented individuals, devoted employees, a wonderful staff of event planners and prominent leaders in the region.

Working in PR has the ability to take you on an incredible journey. Within a few months of working on a specific brand, you can witness a great deal of success. A brand will start off by establishing its name, its history and heritage. This will be followed by expansion and growth in the case of successful PR. Moreover, awards and accolades will start coming your way; and last but not last, one can witness a fully built, enthusiastic community with the establishment and consistency of proper social media channels.

The funny thing about PR is that you do not have to come from a specific background to excel at it, and the requirements for the job are not very narrow. Whether you have a journalistic background, a marketing background, a social media background, or even a completely irrelevant background, I can assure you that you can add value to the PR world in a positive manner and enjoy the ride as you go along.

Do you love PR as much as I do?