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Mind at work: Mental Health in the workplace

Part 2: Importance of mental health awareness

We touched up the definition of mental health in the previous blog. In this one, we will see why is it important.

A vital part of well-being is mental health. In addition to determining how you feel, think, and function, your psychological wellness also affects how you behave with others. It is, therefore, crucial to stay healthy by using appropriate measures to ensure psychological wellness.

A person who is emotionally fit and stable feels energetic and fully alive all of the time, and can easily manage tough situations. Physical fitness is required to be emotionally powerful. Although mental health is a personal issue, what affects one person may or may not influence others; yet, mental health difficulties are caused by a number of fundamental factors.

A number of factors, such as despair, anger, negative thinking, impatience, and fear, affect our fitness level. Mental well-being refers to being able to acknowledge and understand one’s own feelings, thoughts, and actions, thus improving one’s ability to appreciate life to its fullest.

Implementing and enforcing health and safety policies and procedures, including the identification and management of mental health problems, are among the interventions and best practices that can protect and promote mental well-being at work.

Letting employees know that support is always available, including them in decision-making, conveying a sense of control and participation, and implementing management practices that support a healthy work-life balance – these can all be used as tools to create a work environment that is uplifting, supportive, and empowering. Adding career development programs for the staff and rewarding employees for their contributions can do what is needed to build constructive bridges of dialogue and communication. This allows one to develop an ability to make decisions for themselves. It’s a proactive and optimistic phrase that dispels any negative thoughts.

COVID-19 seriously impacted the mental health of people around the world. It is due to the psychological and emotional stress that the pandemic resulted in that more companies are now investing in mental health resources at work.

All other organs in the body are regulated by the mind. If your mind becomes unstable, all of the organs in the body malfunction. To achieve success in all aspects of life, one must be both physically and emotionally fit. Keeping the mind healthy should be as important as keeping the physical body healthy.

Both mental and physical health are interconnected. A person can only be regarded as healthy if both are balanced. As a result, it is critical for everyone to strike a balance between mental and physical well-being and to get the help they need when they lack strength and courage. The responsibility at the workplace in this context, rests with the employees.

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