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Media Relations is a Two-Way Street

Tom Cruise, in his role as Jerry Maguire, said it best: “Help me, help you”. Wise words when you work in an industry as interactive as Public Relations. How many times have we had media knocking on our doors trying to find the juicy details behind a hot lead related to one of our clients? And how many times have we chased down the very same journalists to pitch for an interview?

The key to media relations, it seems, is for both parties to be as transparent as they can – within their limits of course. Although that seems like a fairly straight-forward rule, Steve Goldstein, Editorial Director of PR News, has found that many publicists out there don’t want to be reachable unless they have a story they want to share. By withholding your contact details, or hiding behind a Twitter handle, you’re closing off future opportunities more than you are protecting your client’s privacy – after all, how would you like it if the tables were turned?

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