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Media and PR in the Future

It’s a fact that the relationship between public relations and the media has always been conjoint. It is an established fact that the media is an essential point for much of the PR industry’s messages. Journalists and editors, in turn, become more reliant on PR pros to give them the news, making their jobs that much easier.

The questions I am posing are: will the digital age change this relationship?! Will the PR pros of the future no longer need to depend on the media?
I came across this interesting article recently: The changing role of the media in PR. It shows both situations; with traditional media and without media and PR communication!

Traditional media outlets, such as newspapers, are slowly falling by the wayside, but the role of the media in public relations will always stay the same. This means that you will still have to talk to reporters and follow up on your stories.

Even if hard copy newspapers cease to exist in the future and have instead evolved into on-line news portals, you will still have to send press releases and follow up on these. Basically you will still have to do whatever you are doing now to get your story out to the public!

Writing and publishing your own story on-line will become easier. This form of communication lacks the traditional ‘gatekeepers’ who can kill a press release before it has the chance to be seen. It will be simpler to gain exposure and get a buzz going with your release, enabling it to shoot around the world in record time and with minimal effort.

The role of the media will be much diminished in the future because of the constant information that comes from across the globe. Journalists and editors will no longer need PR pros to feed them the information they need for news.

What do you think about the changing role of PR?