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Management – an art form or learned behaviour?

This week has kicked off with some self-doubt being planted in my mind. It came from a recent article in the Kipp Report, which made me think about my managerial capabilities. It makes interesting reading.

But then I got over the guilt trip and realised that this isn’t necessarily just about me, most of us are managers at varying levels therefore we all need to examine our managerial skills and I think the questions the author asks us to ask ourselves are very pertinent.

It then led me to think what are some of the other attributes that make a good manager? The list is, I am sure, extensive but in my case I’d like to think the following of being high up on the agenda.

• Don’t try to be someone you are not! Very simple.
• Always share objectives then ask your team how they can help you achieve them, because people respond to being given responsibility.
• Give feedback openly and this isn’t a case of telling someone they have got it wrong – it is also about telling them when they have got it right. And the latter is frequently overlooked.
• Managing and leading are not the same thing. The art is in knowing when to delegate. Staff will develop better and quicker if leadership experiences are delegated.
• Carry on developing one’s self. Managing is a skill which needs to be learned and practiced and then learned some more.

Few are born great managers but there are plenty of ways to become a better one. What would you add to this list?