We let the facts do the talking.

What do I love about PR?

Interesting question.

To begin with, I would like to tell you what I don’t like. Writing! It takes me hours to come up with two appropriate sentences, not to mention if I have to work on a whole plan. This is a skill that can be built upon and I work every day to get better at.

What I love? I love to interact, to meet people: journalists, clients, event attendees. I’m good at socialising, which in the business world translates into great networking.

I am comfortable talking to people I have never met before and like the challenge of forming a relationship. Understanding how they work, what they like and figuring out how they operate to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Events are my thing. With all their stress and pressure I enjoy the rush of it. Making sure the journalists are happy and have all they need to write their article or feature. Taking care of the client and going that extra step to show how dedicated we are and how important they are.

But above all, what I enjoy the most is facing fears, leaving my little comfort zone of the office cubicle, and taking charge.

PR for me is not about staying behind ones desk – even though those are inescapable obligations. PR is about interacting, being present, building and keeping relations.

Would do you love about PR?