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Louboutin’in Your Brand

Christian Louboutin has built a brand that is synonymous with beauty, design and luxury. The expensive shoes, with their distinctive red soles, have become so famous – to the extent that when YSL designed a red soled shoe earlier this year, it fell under litigation. But what really is the secret behind the larger than life success of the Louboutin red-lacquered soles? The answer is distinctiveness. Christian Louboutin shoes stand out with their bright red Pantone 187C soles, and because once we’ve see them, we know you’ve paid a fortune for your footwear.

Selecting a single point of distinction for your brand might be difficult, but it is the only thing that will make you stand out. In order to be able to narrow your true value proposition to one single point, work following these three tips: know your business, know your consumer, and know how to reach your audience. Trying to be everything to everyone serves nothing but to dilute your message and will never elevate your brand to Louboutin status.

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