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Localise me

Adapting is something that you need to do anywhere you go, whether it’s adapting your life style to changes as you age, your attitude when it comes to work or the way you act in regards to surrounding culture. In the Middle East the last one is crucial and it is very important to respect the values and principles of the country you are living in. Blending with people is important and speaking their language is even more so.

At work and especially in our field it is essential to adapt to the local market, otherwise not everyone will hear us. Public Relations is built on the relationships, so it is important to have them with your surrounding environment. Some advice, campaigns or articles might be perfect for Europe but not quite so for the Middle East; they could even spell major disaster for your client.

There is a lot that goes into adapting and the process starts with listening to the world around you. Every one of us has our own way of working, writing, and planning, but you will only reap positive rewards for taking the time to stop, look and listen to how others do things.

And while adapting to a culture means showing respect, don’t lose yourself in the message and keep some of your personality – you also benefit from showing them something they have never seen before.

How do you adapt?