We let the facts do the talking.


With the start of the new year, we look back and reflect on lessons learned. 2018 was a roller coaster ride and I feel I made amazing strides in the direction I want to live in.

2018 introduced me to numerous technologies that got me pondering the future. Advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and platforms such as podcasts are terms we heard often. Integrating this knowledge into the PR world sounds a bit confusing, but, truth be told, they are all interrelated.

The PR industry has evolved, and though the basics remain the same, the advancements in technology and the platforms we use to communicate have changed the game. With the sky being the limit, we have at our disposal the help of software to gain insight on consumer behaviour. Yes, Google has it all, but we are diving deep into each of our consumers’ interests, not only making it easy for them to buy what they need but also helping them make the right choice at a consumerism crossroads.

  1. Artificial intelligence: Considered the digital DNA, it is built around the understanding of one’s psychology and tweaking your content to reach your audience, becoming critical in order to survive in this competitive market. That’s where integrations of artificial intelligence with public relations has transformed the way we communicate and get things done. With improved insights on what consumers want, the messages reaching them are solid and targeted.
  2. Podcasts: Speaking of targeting, podcasts have become a strong platform where you are communicating directly to people interested in the topic. Not only is it a platform that’s considered motivational, but also a great one for sharing information.
  3. Blockchain technology: This is definitely not the last powerful technology impacting our world, but one I’ve been quite curious about. This technology enables you to identify true users and avoid any false impressions. Hence, you can validate your PR and marketing efforts as actual human engagement. Through blockchain, you can stay on top of trends and get ahead in the game when it comes to understanding your client’s audience.

Having touched upon topics that have interested me the most, I would like to mention that going deeper into each subject has given me a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and I look forward to writing down my goals for 2019.

Lovelyn Rodriguez is Senior Account Executive at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |