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Consumers in the hands of PR agencies

In my last entry, I highlighted the difference between influencers and key opinion leaders. Though they may both be in the business of driving conversations, it’s their approach that differentiates them. In this second part, I will go ahead and present case studies for both, especially in regards to PR in Dubai.

When it comes to Dubai public relations, not many KOLs are utilised for a myriad of reasons that go beyond the PR field. This is not for a lack of experts or a network that connects agencies to them, but rather audiences tend to lean towards influencers and the personas they adopt. However, this trend can easily be changed by PR agencies by introducing KOLs to the right audience.

The rule of thumb is Influencers and KOLs appeal to different audiences. Where the former appeals to average consumers, KOLs speak to a particular demographic. Influencers, when utilised by a public relations agency, may generate a wide online buzz on a certain subject or product by driving engagements and conversations. This heightened attention is pivotal for brand recognition, but if an agency is looking to target a specific demographic, assigning KOLs who speak to that audience will result in a much bigger impact than reach and numbers will accomplish.

As mentioned in part one, KOLs are not valued by their online following or the reach they possess, but rather by the knowledge they have and portray. Dubai PR agencies need to know when to best put KOLs’ experiences to use in accordance with the right demographic. Agencies need to identify the demographics of their audience to deliver the best results. Is the campaign meant to simply generate awareness, or is it setting out to educate? While influencers love something, KOLs live it and engage with it.

We at C&B, have already taken measures to redefine how we approach a target audience and are actively taking further steps towards becoming an even more progressive PR agency in Dubai and beyond. There are many talented people online, the trick is to know how to best employ their respective expertise.

Ahmad Itani is Founder & CEO at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |