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Keeping Up with the Evolving PR Landscape

The PR services landscape is constantly evolving and as the years pass, the changes we witness happening at an ever increasing rate. The question is, are PR agencies and industry professionals doing enough to keep up in this dynamic landscape?

PR professionals are ultimately communicators, whether they’re writing or speaking. They have to think on their feet and retain a deep knowledge of the media landscape they are operating in. But are they familiar with the latest SEO strategies or InDesign? What about video-editing? Do they know the latest engagement and optimisation strategies for social media channels?

Clients want to know what a PR cam­paign is going to do for their business. It’s no longer enough to show them newspaper clippings and mentions from different outlets. With more analytics platforms available, clients can track the impact of PR efforts. Analytics proves whether a PR programme is working, helping not only to perfect existing strategies, but also to predict trends that will impact on future ones.

Beyond traditional press releases and feature articles, PR agencies need to focus on writing effective blog posts. Agencies need to explore new content options. Twitter, YouTube, e-books, presentations, white papers, case studies and other collateral should be incorporated into a PR organisation’s arsenal. By adapting to this new era in the industry, agencies will be much better placed to offer more tailored and more effective PR campaigns for their clients.

The following is a brief and summarised look at how media tools and platforms have evolved in the industry:

Reporters to Bloggers

Direct Mail to SMS

Next day news to Next hour news

Press conference to Twitter chat

Product shots to Pinterest

News clips to News links

User feedback surveys to Social media chatter

Press kits to On-line content

Focus groups to Facebook friends

Live demos to Video demos

Evening news to Twitter

TV to YouTube

Online news to Mobile news apps