We let the facts do the talking.

Journalists turned PR guru

As times change, and so do available positions, we’ve seen many a journalist make his way into PR. Make sense, right? I mean they need the same writing, interviewing and thinking skills that they used to find the news to make the news. While there are many skills that help make this transition possible, here are some of the more relevant ones.

Cold, hard facts
There’s no room for frill and fluff in the newsroom, so journalists who have had to cut it from news they receive are ready to be the bearer of frill-free news. The X-factor of a journalist turned PR? Press releases that don’t need that much cutting.

Know it’s newsworthy
Will it be headlining news or a brief mention in the back? They’ve been pitching for years, so when they make their way into PR, they know what will make it or break it with the editors.

Talking to clients made easy
Sometimes clients can get fussy, because they know what they want – although we know that it’s not always in their best interest. But when an ex-journalist tells you matter-of-factly that this won’t cut it, it’s harder for the client not to take the good advice to heart.

We’ve got nothing but love for you journalists; you help get our stories heard. If you’re thinking of joining team PR, we’re all here waiting with open arms.

Should journalists make the switcheroo?