We let the facts do the talking.


Some prefer to communicate with the media using emails, whilst others find it easier to get in touch with journalists through WhatsApp or even to just give them a call. There has long been a debate about the best approach amongst different generations within the PR world.

Having been in this industry for a while, it has taught me a couple of tricks. I can get very caught up with words to meet the need to carry all of the client’s messages across. That said, as PR professionals our main goal is to get the attention of busy journalists and to attract their interest towards our client’s news.

The media don’t have time to read everything, as a publication can easily receive 1000+ emails per day. Unless of course you can get their attention.

Lengthy! (Boring)
Your email should be as short as possible to make sure you get your message across – it’s an email not a novel! Grab the journalist’s attention to ensure they pick up the phone to call you for further information.

No purpose! (All over the place)
Determine what the ‘perfect pitch’ is. What is the one thing you want the media to think after reading your email? Make sure you always include a few background materials related to your pitch.

Infographics, design, pictures… anything eye-catching!

Know your media
Personalising emails to journalists you know sounds simpler than you think, but it doesn’t necessarily happen as often as you think.

Subject line (The Catch)
A headline should always be short!
Media publications receive tons of articles every single day. By analysing your headline you will actually make it simpler for them to decide whether they will publish your article or not.