We let the facts do the talking.

It’s all about the videos lately, isn’t it?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, if that’s the case then a video nowadays is probably worth some kind of a number that I can’t even begin to explain.

Have you ever found yourself browsing social media solely for the purpose of watching videos? If that’s the case then welcome to the club.

I vividly remember when everyone got so hooked on YouTube. Cool clips, funny videos, full commercials, movie trailers, series premiers, tv programmes…I can sit here forever and list the videos YouTube has included but I’m sure you get my point: the list is endless. It is the talk in social events, between friends, classmates, colleagues and even in corporate meetings. In my eyes, it was an enjoyable activity in my free time (and it still is). Then, social media popularity grew and everyone (probably you too) started posting links to favorite, relevant or informative videos of interest. Next thing we know, other websites emerged and copied YouTube (but that may be the topic of another blog).

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying Keek and Vine. Although they may seem like a waste of time to some, the number of users they have captured will shock you. Keek, for example, has captured Saudi’s attention more than any other country in the world as they pose as the highest users. Vine, on the other hand, has recently captured my attention as a user-friendly, customised and entertaining social network for videos. You can post or repost videos, record a video on your own terms, emit scenes by stopping the recording, add scenes by continuing your recording, and TADA you have just created your own movie. Yes, it is not an advertisement of high quality, yet I can only imagine the effect brands could have on their consumers if they were to act so personal and transparent. Brands can utilise Vine to post ‘How To’ videos, in store activities, employees’ testimonials, consumers’ testimonials and so forth. Last but not least, the cherry on top is the fact that everyone has access to everyone’s account on Vine with no privacy settings…let’s hope it stays this way.

Which video social network is your favourite?