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It’s all about the coverage

Press coverage is usually referred to as ‘free’ advertising, but this definitely isn’t free. While there’s a lot of things that brands can do for themselves, there’s a lot that goes into everything that we do and that includes: time, effort and connections.

PR Daily shares some ways to maximise coverage, which means going beyond the obvious to take things one step further.

What most do: Write event recaps and let them live on their blog.

What you should do: Write event recaps and pitch them to longer-lead-time publications and other industry “syndication” opportunities.

You’ve written the event recap. Posted it on your blog. Promoted it via Twitter and Facebook. All done, right? Not quite.

Think about additional media opportunities where you can “merchandise” this recap more. Daily newspapers and broadcast outlets won’t be interested because by the time you post the recap, the event will be old news. But what about longer-lead-time industry publications and websites. Would they be open to sharing a link to your post, a snippet of your post, or all of it?

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How do you go the extra mile?