We let the facts do the talking.

Is this the job you really want?

Day in and day out we are working to make a living.

For some they are truly following their passion and living the dream, while for others it is simply a means to an end – getting paid. For something we spend so much of our lives doing, wouldn’t it be at least worth trying to find something you are passionate in? Or an aspect of your work that interests you?

Assess What are you current strengths at work? Maybe you are in the right field but in the wrong position. For example, maybe you would be better at handling social media than handling client accounts. If so, talk to your supervisors, do the research and try your hand at it. Maybe this could mean a move into a new position at work.

Set Goals Maybe what you need is direction. You are an Account Executive today, but hope to be an Account Manager in the near future. Do the research and find out what it is you need to do to get there. Then set the necessary steps and a timeframe to achieve your goal.

Be Realistic Things aren’t going to change tomorrow, but if you really believe in something and work hard to achieve it, chances are you will get there eventually.

Now I understand that rough economic times and 10 year-old degrees have dictated where our lives will be headed, but there’s no harm in trying to stir the pot.

Ready for change?