We let the facts do the talking.

Is this how you report the news, or isn’t it?

Is it me or is every country in the world going through the same thing at the very same time? First it was the financial crisis, then who had the best fireworks and now mass protests seem to be the order of the day. Without getting too into the nitty gritty of it all, could it be the way we report?

Is it just a coincidence or are we going back to being primates, imitating what we see? Maybe the answer lies in this very interesting explanation by Charlie Brooker, and his special dose of humour.

Just watching this video made me chuckle so hard, my cubicle mates were wondering what was up. So next time you are watching the news on the telly, see if you remember what the main story was or if you get lost in the facts, location, tone and the imagery that could really end up being anywhere.

The bright side is, now you have your own guide to ‘how to report news’. All you need is a camera and crew. Who knows? You might be the next Anderson Cooper.