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Spicing Up Internal Communications

How many times have you received a staff circular in your inbox only to ignore it? Or just hit delete? It’s probably because you know it’ll be boring, since internal staff communication in the form of emails is one of the driest forms of communication. The direction is one way (or you have to keep replying to all – which is just plain annoying) and doesn’t leave much room for the staff to interact with it. Then there are those of us who think, ‘I’m sure I’ll hear it through the grapevine since my colleagues will be talking about it’, and if there’s something that sounds really important, you’ll go ahead and read it. How bout we change all of that?

It’s time to start using the tools made readily available to us to enhance the way we work and spice up our communications. More and more companies are sending out internal communication messages virally, using a YouTube-like platform that is more engaging, interactive, and allows for staff to post comments. With costs going down every day, getting involved in video is not reserved for the elite, with more people taking this route to communicate with their employees including Boeing and Mayo Clinic. Seeing your CEO speak on video – where you can experience his emotions and reactions, is much more exciting than reading black text on a white screen.

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Black text, white background or grey – How do you find out what your CEO has to say?