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Influential on Twitter

Many sites try to compile lists of the most influential people on Twitter. But how do you define ‘most influential’? Is it simply the number of followers? Because that would put Justin Bieber at the top right about now. Or is it about something more?

The power of Twitter is something that we as PR professionals know a lot about. The opportunity for a brand to connect directly with an audience is truly amazing and something that simply wasn’t available to this scale just a few short years ago. And while our clients may be inclined to look at number of followers when it comes to assessing their reach, it is about so much more. The real measurement of success should be about being thought-leaders, pioneers and truly influential.

How do you go about being all that? It is a matter of motivation, consistency and dedication. Here are 10 other steps to assure that you are properly utilising Twitter as a significant tool for your clients while bringing fresh perspective to the target audience:

  1. Create accounts for business owners, CEO’s and General Managers. Their thoughts will be highly valued alongside an account for the brand name in general.
  2. Provide unique insight and perspective, and make sure it is something consumers can relate to.
  3. Advocate a cause that many believe in such as poverty, safety, health, etc.
  4. Infuse cutting edge ideas that will keep the follower amused, interested and loyal.
  5. Keep the tweets innovative and up-to-date while including personal views to show followers transparency and sincerity.
  6. Demonstrate a global view to gain a global audience.
  7. Tweet inspiring thoughts and articles of daily readings that will give followers an idea of who you are and what interests you.
  8. Latest trends never bore anyone, no matter what field we are talking about.
  9. Our generation is a visual one. Do not forget to utilise pictures when and if relevant.
  10. Live-tweet events, conferences and any activities you attend. Many people are interested in looking in, even when they are not there – especially when it is related to their field.

Finally, find your voice. While it’s great to share the links and words of others, a truly influential Twitter account is one that speaks its own language.

Are you being a good influence?