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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is booming in our part of the world, with companies moving away from traditional PR and advertising to harness the power of the individual. Influencers have transformed from a one man show into a fully integrated marketing strategy that can have real business impact. As a result, talent agencies are the new thing in the GCC and we will see more and more appearing, with influencer marketing supported by PR and digital strategy.

Dubai is the hub for all this activity because it is the place where influencers from across the region gather to make their business deals. In this context, talent agencies are going to be the new meeting place for brands and influencers.

Why is influencer marketing agencies growing so much in this region? It is because GCC influencers are not like those in the USA and Europe, who have limited scope. An influencer from Kuwait, for example, reaches the entire GCC region including Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq and beyond. It is now not uncommon to see consumers flying from Kuwait to Dubai just to buy a certain product that they have seen an influencer championing.

Many consumers and companies believe that influencers are simply spoilt individuals who have capitalised on their good looks or celebrity pals to turn their lives into an endless holiday. This opinion could not be more wrong. Influencers work hard for their living and are some of the most marketing savvy individuals out there. Competition is fierce among influencers and only great ideas will land them a partnership with a renowned brand – this takes innovation and commitment to creating exceptional content. They are also constantly on display, meaning they must uphold their reputations and behave appropriately at all times, which is a tall order.

If you need convincing then look no further than His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who is a great supporter of Arab social media influencers and welcomes them to Dubai, calling it their ‘second home’. Sheikh Mohammed has highlighted that the UAE will always be a melting point of the creative individuals and bright minds that are able to make a positive change in people’s lives. He demonstrated his support by awarding 40 influencers across various categories at the Arab Social Media Summit, and also launched the Arab Social Media club this year to encourage development, progress and creativity among social media influencers in the Arab world.

Many Dubai PR agencies are moving away from using macro-influencers and instead engaging micro-influencers, because they are less expensive and have a more targeted reach. While macro-influencers can have a breathtakingly high reach, they also have astronomical charges to match. C&b is the best social media, public relations, and influencer marketing agency based in Dubai, UAE.

Companies are supporting micro-influencers that start out with quite a good reach, and then growing their campaigns in tandem with the influencer’s following over the long run. This is why businesses are focusing on developing relationships with micro influencers at the outset of their careers, as their early followers are usually considered to be their most loyal fans.