We let the facts do the talking.

In what language do people think?

I’d have to guess English, since that’s what I speak.

Seems like this logic is lost on some PR professionals – working in the Middle East – who choose to ignore the importance of the local language. On several occasions I’ve sat across the table with clients who share their past experience with agencies that have had to rely on translators, and even worse, on Google.

Although Google translation is a remarkable resource, it is completely inadequate if the user does not have the basic local language skills. You know what bad, sometimes funny translation is if you have used it to translate from English to Arabic or vice versa is, especially when you translate an entire paragraph or article. The same goes for Chinese to English translation, which usually is a literal word by word translation

As a non-Arabic speaker I am glad that C&B has an in-house Arabic Content Manager and a team of PR consultants who have lived in the UAE or are from the region and are proficient in the language.

Google translate or a native speaker?