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Impressing your New Clients

The first few weeks of taking on an account are some of the hardest. You may have thought the pitching phase was the worst of it – endless research, brainstorming and convincing them you are the best agency out there. The process also includes big promises for their company.

Now it is time to deliver.

You need to be everything they expected and more, because now more than ever, they are skeptical. They’re thinking: “Are you really the right person for the job? Or was it all an act?”

Beyond putting on a good show, you need to deliver and continue to impress.

Go beyond the PR plan
You’ve agreed on deliverables, but it doesn’t hurt to throw some their way that weren’t even discussed in the pitching phase. The client will be impressed to see you are willing to go above and beyond.

Keep researching like it’s still the pitch
Show enthusiasm for their industry and share these updates with the client. They will appreciate your interest and in turn be confident in the knowledge that you are interested in them.

Keep contact
You’ve won the account, but still make the effort to get to know your client on a personal basis. Go for coffee or give them a call; make them feel important to you.

Winning a pitch isn’t all there is to getting new business. You need to continue to be the agency they fell in love with in the first place.

How do you keep the relationship strong?