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Important PR Skills

I sometimes ask myself, what are the most important PR skills that separate a good PR executive from an excellent PR executive? Are they skills to be possessed? Acquired? Or are they naturally occurring among individuals?

From my point of view, I am going to write the top four skills I believe all PR professionals should have:

  1. Writing: Whether it’s pitching to the media, working on a digital strategy or simply trying to describe a product, it is important that one is able to write in a clear, efficient and an expressive manner. As communicators, writing is essential for our day to day lives and so a simple contribution to our copywriters can go a long way.
  2. Multi- tasking: As PR professionals, our day to day tasks are countless, varied, and sometimes urgent. Therefore, time management is a skill that goes without saying and one must wake up on daily basis with fully-fledged readiness to do a million and one things.
  3. Networking: When I hear the expression ‘PR,’ the first thing that comes to my mind is people. It is all about people, connections, and networking. You spend your day either writing, talking, e-mailing, conversing, or convincing people. As a result, the more time you spend in PR, the more well connected you become. This is actually one of the most entertaining tasks in PR; you get to meet people on regular basis, see different faces, participate in events and grow your social circle.
  4. Media Understanding: Last but not least, the media have to be our best friends. They are the ones that will demonstrate our success to our clients, publishing our stories and making our work look worthwhile. Therefore, this relationship is the most important one in our industry and for that reason we need to go that extra mile to please them.