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Important Elements to Adopt when Empowering your Employees to become your Brand Ambassadors

It’s common knowledge in our industry that a company’s own employees can be an effective marketing tool and a brand’s best ambassadors. However, if not carefully controlled, this policy can backfire, causing more harm than good for the company’s brand image.

Here are five key elements on how to engage employees in ways that have an overall benefit for your company:

1. Set clear guidelines:

A clear set of guidelines on how to participate in conversations on behalf of the company should be established. These should also include criteria for when not to participate. The guidelines should cover an employee’s personal social media platforms. This is to ensure that no harm is done to the company’s image by a representative posting content that, although personal to them, compromises the brand by association.

2. Social training:

To amplify company messages, you should empower employees to share company news and product information. Make sure that they are up to date with the company’s recent activities, as this will ensure consistency in both the content and the flow of information

3. Governance:

Establish a central point to assess information or to raise issues that may require company involvement. Identify clear communications channels and procedures that employees can follow when dealing with enquiries or requiring clarifications.

4. Content engine:

Regular content should which is easily accessible for employees should be developed. This can be in the form of newsletters or daily/weekly news updates via e-mails or company intranet.
5. Recognition:

Keep track of how employees are performing and where their engagement is most effective. Recognise the efforts being made by instigating a process of acknowledgements and rewards.