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Illuminate the truth: Every candle needs a wick

Part 2

In part one of this blog, I underscored the change in communication, the impact current trends are having on information integrity and authenticity, and the challenge that PR agencies are now faced with. In this part, I will divulge the way agencies, more so in Dubai and the UAE as a whole can fight this toxic trend.

In the midst of all dialogues that take place online and offline, between the words of every peddler of information, and at a time when common truths are subjective and in a mythical state, simply informing people by claiming validity no longer applies. There was indeed a time when a reputable person or institution was a de facto source of truth, but that time has long been gone and rather than a have a handful of certified people sharing the news with us, everyone is now a broadcaster with enough of an audience to justify validity.

In that regards, it’s no longer what agencies have to say, or what client they represent, but rather how they inspire their audiences to react. Inspiration is the number one game-changer because people no longer want to be spoon-fed information they may find online on their own; they want to be inspired to be a change, to try a restaurant or notice a brand. When someone feels enlightened, they are impacting themselves and their community in a positive light. They are actively seeking their own truths, and as a result, are ushering the rebirth of knowledge and education.

It is on public relation agencies to not just parrot information, but to engage with the public and help them imagine the world as it could be. Is a new restaurant opening? How is it impacting the lives of its customers? What is the experience that is being instilled in them? Is that new car on the market worth it? How is it altering buyers’ minds about investing in new tech?

Some techniques will have to be updated to best communicate with the modern audience, and maybe this will be a subject I tackle at another time, but for now, all you need do is be inspired and let your work inspire those around you to discover things for themselves, and learn the truth through their own eyes.

Spark Makki is Head of English Content at Cicero & Bernay Public Relations, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |