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Hunting for journalists on Twitter

Do you keep calling reporters only to find that 80% of the time they are not at their desk? There’s got to be a better way to keep in touch – who knew Twitter would be one of them?  Working in public relations, Twitter is a must, and @Garmoe agrees with me. He even shares some tricks on how to maintain relationships once their made.

Some highlights:
You can find a reporter’s name on Twitter by following the publication. Then go on to follow the reporter and the things they publish, and don’t neglect to compliment their latest articles. You should also reTweet the things you find interesting and use links to their posts in pieces that you post. Post and monitor hash tags(#) on topics that you’re clients are involved in and if a journalist does cover your event, don’t forget to thank them via Twitter (especially if you didn’t have a chance to chat with them at the event).

Those are just a few, for the full story visit PR Daily

Are you keeping ‘socially acceptable’ with your journalists?