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How to Improve Our Social Media Strategy in 2014

The social media sphere was witness to a number of significant developments in 2013, particularly in the realm of photograph and video sharing apps. To ensure we make a strong marketing impact through the course of 2014, we need to build a solid strategy to match and take advantage of these emergent media trends.

Expand your Digital Presence
The hegemony of Facebook and Twitter as social media leaders has been challenged recently by the rapid growth of new channels such as Instagram and Pinterest, which are gaining an exponential level of currency, particularly among the younger generation. Our marketing strategies shouldn’t ignore these new trends. Actively engaging with them will allow us to attract more followers and will spread our messages over a greater number of platforms.

Employ Video and Photos
As marketers, we should consider increasing photo and video content across all available networks. Video sharing and Instagram have proved to have had a strong impact on social media followers.

Ensure Strong Content
The content of our marketing output is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Providing the audience with useful and engaging information gives us an advantage and a competitive edge over those who don’t share blogs and stories.

Utilise Mobile Power
The increasing use of mobile smart devices is another trend that we need to focus on. Location based advertising via mobile devices allows brands to reach their customers anytime, anywhere.

Any other trends you are utilising?