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How to control your Facebook privacy

When people know you’re a social media god, the questions never stop. Friends and family constantly bug me with them, and one of the more popular ones is, ‘How do I protect myself on Facebook?’ The answer is quite simple; you don’t need to be a social media geek, you just need to have basic knowledge of the privacy settings on your profile. What may look high-tech and advanced for a lot of people becomes a piece of cake the minute you understand what those functions do.

While registering is obviously safe (that’s why 800 million users and counting are there), there’s a lot of stories about people getting hacked – not because Facebook isn’t safe, but because people don’t know how to use the tools. A harder question to answer is, ‘Am I protected on Facebook?’ Being ‘protected’ means limiting and controlling what certain people can see about your profile page. Here are some steps you need to take a look at if you want the answer to be, ‘Yes.’ to that very question.

Make sure you personally know your people

I personally know every single person on my friend list and have at least met them once in my life. The easiest way to start getting into trouble is by adding people just because they look hot in their profile picture.

Stop clicking on random links

Do not click on just any link sent to your inbox (unless it’s a trusted source and you are aware of what is being sent). If you are not sure of a link sent – even if it’s from you bestest friend in the whole wide world – there’s nothing wrong with asking if it’s safe. Friends’ emails get hacked, and it could happen to your mates, too.

Don’t click on the scandalous

As human beings we are innately curious by the raunchy and the dirty. Do NOT click on these links. Most of the time they will lead to SPAM and you will regret it the minute you do. If you do need any of the information you find interesting, go to Google and search for it instead.

Do not keep any duplicated accounts of your friends

If you have 2 accounts for the same person, try and contact that person over the phone, SMS, BBM or any other networking tool possible and let them confirm which account is the right one. Believe me, keeping 2 means you are being watched and targeted.

Albums for your friends and friends only

Why choose ‘Friends of Friends’? Do you know them? Probably not, so why do you want them poking through your personal life? Same goes with the general ‘Public’. I say show pictures only to the people you wouldn’t mind having in your house, looking at the frames on your wall.

As hard as it can be too differentiate sometimes, you need to realise that just because you don’t see the strangers, doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Keep yourself safe and your stuff safer by taking tiny steps to a ‘protected’ you online.

‘Friends Only’, ‘Friends of Friends’ or ‘Public’; how sharing is caring are you?