We let the facts do the talking.


In the last part of my blog, I explained why adding value is my ultimate goal, whether it’s for my clients, my media contacts or my colleagues.

I believe that developing a value-focused approach to our professional lives is a fulfilling experience, but it can be difficult on days when we are feeling under the weather, stressed, over-burdened, or even just blue for no particular reason.

Whether you are having an up day or a down day, I have some personal tips to share that I believe can focus your attention on adding value no matter what the context.


  1. Challenge yourself to do better: At the end of a work day, it’s easy to feel relieved that it’s all over and perhaps you determinedly put it behind you. However, I like to spend some reflecting on the day and then choose one way that I can raise the bar tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be big; even one goal can serve as an excellent motivator.


  1. Love what you do: Not all of us are in the environment that we dreamt off. From the work culture to the ways we have to deal with different client attitudes, we can at times feel demotivated. At these times, we need to remember to value the little things that make us love our jobs, whether it’s a grateful email from a client, a great piece of coverage, or simply helping out a colleague in need. This compels us to provide the same to those around us.


  1. Evaluate if you are moving forward: Praises, raises and rewards definitely make people feel like celebrating; however, climbing that ladder depends on setting a roadmap for yourself and sticking to it. I set goals for myself against a specific timeline and align them with my company’s vision, which makes me always feel that I am moving forward in a way that’s beneficial for both me and my company.


  1. Be Human: What I mean by this is realise that you are not a machine and at the end of the day you need to make some time for yourself. Maintaining a good work-life balance and nurturing your hobbies will make you that much more focused when you are at work, spurring you on to add value at every turn.


If you practice all of the above, then you will actively put yourself in a mentality where you will be happily adding value to whatever you do. I promise that the benefits are endless: purpose, meaning, motivation, recognition, security, development and growth can be yours.

Lovelyn Rodrigues is the Senior Account Executive of Cicero & Bernay Public Relations. An independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai and offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA. |