We let the facts do the talking.

How Teamwork Can Make a Company More Creative

Be it a PR campaign, an ad campaign or a product launch, the rule of thumb is the same: you must innovate! Since we are in the business of breaking through the clutter to bond with a core target audience, it is important to understand that the easiest way to establish this is by being different enough to leave a mark. Reality is that creativity is not that complicated, but quite the opposite. The best ideas I have come across in my career have been the simplest… it’s taking the common and making it uncommon by revisiting it and finding a new way to approach it.

In my experience, I have found group brainstorm sessions to be one of the most effective methods for getting creative juices flowing. Gathering a team composed of different mindsets, backgrounds, personalities and thoughts could be the biggest catalyst of BIG ideas.

The simplest way to explain the reason why this technique works so well is that it becomes a pool of information that:

  1. “we know” – the knowledge we are very confident about and have all the facts and details on;
  2. “we know that we don’t know” – the areas we are familiar with but do not have in-depth information about, and
  3. “we don’t know that we don’t know” – an entire database of knowledge that we have never ever been exposed to.

It is the fusion of all of this information that helps open up and stimulate our minds.

Don’t kill ideas

Trick is to learn how to create the right environment that reaps the most ideas. A positive and free-flowing idea-bouncing session is free of judgment and analysis; feasibility studies and cynicism can be done some other time, for now, it’s a hunt for ideas.

Keep them coming

Once in a productive session, it’s like keeping a fire alive by allowing ideas to spiral. One helpful tip is making a list of ‘triggers’, basically key questions that highlight the desired impact of the campaign at hand.

Use mind mapping

Putting up a board and writing down keywords that are related to the subject matter can be very helpful and useful and will enhance the flow of ideas; most people need visual aid to trigger their thought process.

No matter the project you are working on, the idea is to try and come up with something that captures the imagination and prompts people to notice your brand amidst all of the bombardment.

There is no need to feel pressured; you’re definitely not alone on this one. Here is an opportunity for you to tap into the amazing impact of teamwork.

How do you get those creative juices flowing?