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How I Chose PR as a Career

Public Relations requires just about any business skill you can imagine; from organisational when it comes to an event, to team work when working with your colleagues on a project; and not to mention communication skills!

It is also a field where you get to practice your languages – if you have more than one and are working in a bi-lingual environment like the UAE. Here that can mean anything from translating and Arabising to simply conversing with a multi-lingual client or journalist.

Why did I choose a career in PR? Well, the answer comes from my past experience.

PR and hospitality
I used to work in hospitality, in the very glamorous field of luxury hotels, and while it was very interesting, I found I most preferred handling the PR and Marketing tasks over core hotel functions such as F&B and Rooms Division. PR has room to innovate and you get to devise communication plans. What I did learn from my work in hospitality is that the client comes first – just like a guest in a hotel.

Client or agency?
Furthermore, many people prefer to work in PR, but on the client side; i.e. in-house, and they aim at gaining experience in several agencies before landing a job as the Communications Manager at a firm. I, on the other hand, actually prefer working in an agency environment where I brainstorm with my team members, juggle multiple accounts at a time and utilise a wider range of skills.

The road to a career in PR is different for everyone. No two stories are alike, because with a job in PR, no two days are even alike. I have met CEOs, interviewed doctors and lunched with scientists – and that’s just this past week.

What’s your PR story?