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How do you social media? This should be in your strategy.

You have to have a good plan in place when it comes to your social media strategy, because with the 4Ps increasing up to 7 (and who knows, it could be more in the future), you could easily lose track of all that P if you don’t. To help you out, this is something you should know whether you’re a huge conglomerate or a neighbourhood market down the street.

  1. You should nail the basics – or basically be present on at least the channels were people are at.
  2. Know your competition – Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?
  3. What do you want? – If you can’t answer that, how will you know when you get it?
  4. Get your very own resident geek – we have George. You need someone to help you figure out all that SEO, statistics and stuff to make sure it’s working like it should.

But above all Mike Sweeney says you have to be creative.

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How do you get it done?