We let the facts do the talking.


From digital trends to changing business models and evolving consumer behaviours; in today’s world, there is a lot that communication experts have to consider in order to create and deliver great brand experiences. Marketing and communications have undergone substantial transformations over the years, and as we lay the foundations to our 2015 strategy, there are many trends that businesses would like to venture in to. However, with limited time and resources, it is important to priortise and focus.


  1. Micro-target: Know Your Customers

In order to dig deeper into tailored content and personalisation strategies, you need to identify and understand the people you are addressing, the niche yet highly profitable subsets of your market. Undertaking buyer persona development will help you to understand their behaviour – their needs, inspirations and aspirations, and thus have the ability to speak to them with relevance and create one-on-one conversations.


  1. Be Creative Yet Stay Simple

With the soaring competiveness and vitality of the market, creativity becomes even more important to those who reliably and instinctually own it, and more and more people seem to want to join that tribe. However, it is important that during the course of creativity you remain true and simple, rather than tie yourself up in knots and ironically losing the essence of the quest. Allow creativity to remain a state of mind, special, authentic and visionary, giving meaning and adding value. As Steve Jobs said: “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


  1. Be Visual

‘Less is more’ approach is immensely effective when trying to engage with your audience and present your business. As the average attention span of most individuals is quite low, try to tighten up your messages and employ more visuals – images, illustration, videos and even info-graphics.

Where is your focus on in 2015?