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Have You Forgotten PR?

When it comes to setting budgets for getting the brand name out there, we often turn to Marketing and Advertising. I say those are all good approaches, but something is definitely missing – and it’s PR.

Public Relations is often-times overlooked in the grand scheme of things, but its very importance lies in its definition. PR is about managing a brand’s image and reputation, looking at all aspects of the company from the inside out. We handle everything from internal newsletters to crisis communications.

A great PR campaign will add value to your company by attracting free publicity, but we do more than just stunts to get your brand name out there. We work on building great relationships with the media so that we can provide them with the information they need to write great stories – hopefully about your brand.

These are other ways PR is useful to your brand:

The Collateral
Every company should have a company profile, bios of important spokespersons, fact sheets, etc. We have capable writers making sure you use the right language for your company.

The Press Release
When it comes to sharing your company news, one channel is the press release. This firstly needs to be written in a way that attracts the attention of journalists. The PR pro then draws upon strong relationships to push the story, and follow up on coverage. Your Account Handler will also guide you through the entire process and will help you distinguish what is ‘news-worthy’ in the first place.

The Interview
Your PR pro will not only help you to secure interview opportunities, but will train you to become a spokesperson for your company. This includes everything from how to dress to how to answer those ‘hard to answer’ questions.

The Social Media
Social media has become an integral part of any business operating today. Managing your online reputation is part of our job and that extends to blogging and Facebook posts. Your PR pro will also help you choose the right channels for your brand, so you are not just hitting every medium, but rather focusing on those that will add value to your brand.

The Event
When it comes to a launch, making a big announcement or attending an important trade fair; we bring the press kits and the brochures. Beyond the collateral, we make the arrangements to invite appropriate reporters who will cover your story.

Sure, a great ad will make you stop and think. But PR is about steadily building a long-term relationship with the audience. A great approach will always be multi-faceted and multi-channeled, and united, a good Advertising and Public Relations team will take your brand to new heights.

Do you need PR?