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Guidelines for Successful International Public Relations Campaigns

Part 1

There is no universally accepted definition of what public relations is or what those working in the field do. However, you should always know that public relations, or PR, always includes a practitioner, a client, and at least one group of target audience. It requires research, objectives, campaign strategies (action and communication), tactics, and evaluation, all of which will be elaborated on.

PR campaigns based solely on guess-work are destined to fail. Any good public relations practitioner begins a campaign with thorough research, answering questions like: What does the client want? What resources are available? What are the demographics and attitudes of the target audience? Are there any legal or cultural restrictions to keep in mind? Regardless of what research methods are chosen, any competent practitioner should be able to guarantee that the research is both reliable and valid.

In a campaign strategy, one has to know where their audience is and how to reach out to them. The choice of messaging and media should be based on a model that predicts audience reaction. Action strategy helps the practitioner advise their client while communication strategy informs the choice of images, themes, or information to be directed at the audience. Read more in the next part of my blog.


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