We let the facts do the talking.

Great PR from the Gatsby

After reading the book in school, watching the Gatsby after 10 years I found myself extracting interesting PR tactics from the movie and the script.

Be confident in yourself

Nick Carraway was certain of his honesty and stated in the movie that he is one of the few honest people he’s ever known. Assert your qualities and virtues and be confident in them. Once you acknowledge facts about yourself people will acknowledge them in you and associate you to these traits.

Be confident in what works

Gatsby spends years trying to repeat the past to get his true love back. Just because one thing worked in the past, it doesn’t mean that it will work every time. Some tactics in PR are worth repeating but be open to embracing new possibilities and approaches. One key thing is to use past experiences to fuel your future success.

The importance of promotion

Gatsby was famous for his shimmering parties that EVERYONE attended.
When creating a PR campaign make sure to develop a holistic approach, including all channels to ensure maximum exposure to all your audiences.

The importance of connections

Gatsby kept his distance from all the guests so, though his parties were always a busting at the seams with attendees, no one showed up at his funeral.  It is important to socialise and network. Events are a great way to make connections, foster relationships and make a lasting impression on people.

Stay truthful

Deception is an evident theme that runs through the novel. Capitalising on untruthfulness led to corruption and outbursts of all parties in the movie and their eventual downfall. It is risky to stretch the narrative without proper foundation. PR pros should ensure their brand remains truthful and relevant, communicating honest and authentic messaging.

Living by the Gatsby?