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Google: Stop deciding what you think I want to see

google is evilIs what I see the same as what you would see if we Googled the same thing? Nope.

As a digital strategist, SEO operations are obligatory. It’s something that I have to be curious about. What amazes me as how intricate the whole system is? A person using a MAC computer in the States who searched ‘Egypt’, would not get the same results as someone using a PC, living in Dubai.The truth is Google works based on filters and expectations due to the location, operating system and content being searched for. Quite simply, they give you what they think you want.

My question though is this: Is replacing ‘Gate Keepers’ with ‘Algorithmic Gate Keepers’ the right thing to do? Aren’t we setting this out to be a smaller world, and not in the way Disney intended. One where you’re world extends only to your backyard and not to those of people all the way over there.

If you’re shocked, I was too, but take a look at this video if you have the time because I’m sure this is something you haven’t really heard before and would be quite disturbed about if you already have.

If they control what we see, does it change the way we think?