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Giving Readers What They Want…When They Want It

A few weeks ago I had written a blog post about how keeping up with technological evolution, particularly in terms of social media, is essential in order for PR agencies to survive in the modern age. Interestingly enough, I recently came across a comment by Anthony De Rosa from Reuters, which suggests that this is indeed the case for newswires too!

The reason why this was a particularly intriguing read was that one would assume that newswires – who we as readers and both print and online publications rely on for ‘real-time news’ – would be just as effective as Twitter, for example, in communicating up-to-the-minute announcements. But what is a newswire journalist to do in order to make sure they are the first to report a big story? Do they file the news to the wire or website, or tweet it? According to Reuters’ policy, it seems that the wire comes first – primarily out of loyalty to their subscribers – but could this mean that other news websites who don’t follow this philosophy could outdo the leading newswire?

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