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Gadgets and gizmos galore, but I still want an iPhone 4S

The average person today carries 3 to 4 devices, juggling each with its own settings, applications and data. Added to that, technology today is upgraded as fast as a bee fluttering its wings. In June 2010, Apple fans queued for a new iPhone 4 and just 15 months later thousands scrambled to get Jobs’ last mobile model. Getting the latest gadget is the fun part; data migration is the real challenge. Well not anymore, not if you are safely covered by the cloud, iCloud that is.

After the mac, iTouch, iPad and iPhone, Apple is out with iCloud, the coolest way to store data (but only for music for now in the UAE), which is much more than a hard drive in the sky. Apple has finally severed the umbilical cord to its devices, allowing you to access your data with a simple login without having to go through the hassles of syncing devices and creating back-ups.

If it sounds too complicated to handle, I’m telling you, it’s not.

With all that the company has to offer, will it still be berry picking for you this season, or is it time try apples instead?