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Follow the Bad Leader?

Should you follow the instructions of your leaders blindly?

This is a question that starts from the day we are born. We learn to listen and obey our parents (well less and less in today’s times), then we move onto school where we are expected to follow the instructions of our teachers before heading out into the ‘real world’ and following our bosses’ every whim.

But should you?

A good leader is not one that expects ‘Yes’ men, but one that encourages innovators. People that think above and beyond the constraints of their day to day role are the ones that will lead to innovation.

An interesting article by Forbes gives 6 Reasons Leaders Make Bad Decisions. While the point is not to put them down, the take away is that our MDs and CEOs are not superhuman, they’re human.

If you feel it’s wrong speak up, and if you feel you’ve found a way to do it better, share.

That’s what is great about today’s corporate world; while some are still doing it old school, many ‘great’ leaders have found an open door policy is the best one.

Should you follow the instruction of your leaders blindly?