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Five years and counting: A look back at a fulfilling journey

Part 2: Learnings from an incredible journey

In the first part of my blog, I wrote about my journey as a part of C&B family and how my personal and professional growth shaped out.

While I touched upon a few things that helped me along the way, in this part of my blog I would like to stress the important factors that truly changed my perspective towards things, the learnings that I embraced in the five years and how well did it all help me in understanding the field of Public Relations.

I have come a long way with support from my colleagues and family. The one I have learned is to trust myself and to continue loving what makes me happy. Yes, there are challenges every day, but I have also been reminded by the people around me of what I am capable of and looking back now, I know I have proved myself as a successful professional.

I owe it to this industry, where multitasking is the way of life – as this has helped me immensely as a mother as well as a professional. I have managed to focus on work and my family with equal attention and care because this industry teaches you to handle a lot simultaneously, while not compromising on the quality of work.

Another lesson I have learnt during this tenure is to have a deeper understanding of the people you work with. Each one has a different culture, everyone battles their ups and downs, but also each one is a very valuable asset here. This value of compassion and empathy is an important addition to my personality – thanks to the industry I work in, the colleagues who bring in a lot of learning every day, and a company culture that encourages such values.

And it finally goes down to the people you work with from clients to colleagues. While there are many names to mention and possibly all I have worked with, every person has helped me grow in some way or the other.

To condense in a few words – this has been an incredible journey so far. One that I am thankful for, and look forward to, each day, every day.

Lovelyn Rodrigues is Senior Account Manager at Cicero & Bernay Communication Consultancy, an independent PR agency headquartered in Dubai offering new-age public relations consultancy to the UAE and across the MENA region. |