We let the facts do the talking.

Fit enough for PR

Don’t we all want to be fit and fabulous? That means putting down the burger, stepping away from that fizzy drink and walking slowly but surely to the gym.

It takes discipline to look your best, and that holds true for being the best in PR.

We stumbled across 5 ways fitness can build your PR muscle, and we definitely agree with discipline. We also like:

Etiquette: If you have ever worked out in a crowded gym, chances are you are familiar with “gym etiquette.” Re-rack your weights, wipe down a machine after use, use earphones with audio devices, don’t talk on your cell phone, allow others to work in with you at peak times, and wear proper clothing. These may seem obvious, but not everyone obeys the rules that are put in place for the benefit of all.
Translation: Following proper etiquette is a cardinal rule of PR.

It takes a lot to be good at PR. It’s takes dedication and hard work, and just like the gym, you have to keep at it, otherwise all the work will end up being for nothing.

Fit or fat?