We let the facts do the talking.

Facebook ‘Groups’ can be your secret place, and theirs..

becareful on facebook‘It’s not my secret to tell’ an expression we use upon holding valuable information or gossip, but unfortunately when it comes to social media, your secrets are their secrets, too. Who’s?

Google has come up with a brilliant idea of ‘Circles’ where people can share information where, ‘what’s said in the circle stays in the circle’. Facebook has eliminated the problem of curious George’s by implementing a ‘Limited Profile’ option where you control who can see your status updates, photos and other related activities. Businesses are even using secret groups on Facebook to enhance their business, sharing files, invoices and other confidential material that nobody can know about. Even if you try to search for the group on Google, the search engine will not bring up any results.

But something smells fishy (and it isn’t me). Did I say nobody can see it? Obviously, somebody has seen it – whether it be your colleagues, your friends or the people running the social media platform. So, if it really is private, maybe you shouldn’t share it on social media.

If they see everything, where can you hide?