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Facebook for Customer Support?

Facebook, a platform with more than 900 Million active users is becoming a medium where all of us go to check news, updates, pictures and videos. But, after recently attending the Digital Media Forum Dubai 2012, a lot of interesting questions were raised with one in particular that caught my attention:

Is Facebook the place for customers to communicate with their favourite brands for help?

Why not? What better place for customer support than Facebook? Post your comments fast; get answers back even faster (especially if they’re negative).

Besides Facebook being the most dominant platform for users online, Facebook has managed to optimise their accessibility through mobile devices, iPads and more. There are so many ways you can access Facebook today, it’s harder not to!

Back to my joke about negative comments, is it better for them laid out there for everybody to see? It might be good for the consumer who is sure their voice will be heard, but what about the brand? We also see this on Twitter, where quick responses come more often than no responses.

What is a brand to do? Whether you like it or not, people are using social media for customer support. You’re job at the moment is to make sure you give the customer what he wants – a response.

Any questions?